Online Work Orders

We know the last thing you want to think about is needing help with your apartment. But, cookies crumble and sometimes you'll need help with your apartment.

We want you to know that our building staff is on it. They are focused on you and your apartment needs. After all, we want the same thing you do: pure joy for your BJB Evanston apartment.
Our 24/7 online work order system is here to help you quickly relay any apartment issues. Once you fill out the form, describe the issue and hit submit, rest assured that we are hard at work to take care of your work order.

If this is an emergency, please call our 24 hour phone number 773-537-2000.

*Please list as many date/time options during this time period to better assist us with scheduling.

If you are physically unable to temporarily vacate your apartment, please contact the management office to review this work order.

Maintenance / Management Contacts

  • 1303 Maple

  • 5134 N. Cumberland

  • 1900 Oakton

  • 1410 Chicago

  • 1420 Chicago

  • 1575 Oak

  • 1576 Oak

  • 860 Hinman

  • 618 Hinman

  • 2321 Central

  • 1243 Judson

  • 2 S. Greenwood

  • 237 NW Highway

  • 723 Elm

  • 941 Chicago

  • 6874 N NW Highway

  • 6454 N NW Highway

  • 1 S NW Highway